Union Taxis


Union Taxis Coop is an ethical community based Taxi Service, which opened for business at 218 Springfield Road, Belfast 12, just above Springvale Training on Monday 14th April 2014.

Union Taxis Workers’ Co-operative was established to address the many problems that exist within the private hire taxi sector and to provide an ethical alternative for local workers’ and community.  They intend to pay our depot staff above the living wage and to invest significant sums of money, through voluntary contributions, into their community infrastructure i.e. local boxing, GAA, soccer, youth, and elderly folds through their Cooperative Community Social Fund (CCSF).  These investments will be made on an annual basis and the amount Union Taxis are able to invest is entirely dependent on their success as a business. Union Taxis puts the interests of the drivers, desk staff and community first.

Their business number: +44 (0)28  90  311 911

Or check their facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/uniontaxis.coop

Farmageddon Brewing


Farmageddon Brewing is a cooperative thatcomprises 7 friends who know each other either from the martial arts or punk rock scene in Belfast. For the Co-op members, home brewing is part of a mutual interest of growing fruit and vegetables, foraging, rearing pigs and chickens and a general love of self-sufficiency.

The brewery itself is situated on 5 acres of land where the coop has 360 Cider apple and Perry pear trees, 10 pigs, 5 chickens, 4 dogs, 1 goat, fruit and veg plots and a bee hive! The trees are in their infancy and the coop is hoping in the coming years to have a line of Farmageddon Cider and Perry from these ancient breeds. The bees will help to pollinate all the plants.

Part of the ethos of the cooperative is the promotion of small local businesses and as they develop the members would like to reduce their carbon footprint with the use of solar power. Farmageddon’s beer contains no preservatives or fish by-products and is unpasteurised and unfiltered as this can strip out flavour.


25 Ballykeigle Road


BT23 5SD

Email: info@farmageddonbrewery.com

Website: http://www.farmageddonbrewery.com/

Farmageddon on Facebook

Trademark – ICTU



Trademark Belfast is a Belfast based training organisation dedicated to social justice. It is also the anti-sectarian unit of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.  Aside from its work in providing training to trade unions and the community, Trademark has developed a strand of cooperative development and support.

Dr Stephen Nolan, Alice McLarnon and Tiziana O’Hara are the founder members of Cooperative Alternatives, a cooperative support organisation that provides legal, financial and governance advice in the field of cooperative (worker, consumer, producer and other forms of cooperatives) development.  The three members of Cooperative Alternatives are cooperative developers, trained by the Cooperative Hub in Manchester.

Dr Stephen Nolan and Alice McLarnon now work mainly through Trademark but continue to provide support to those who want to create or are running a cooperative. They have been influential in the creation of the Farmageddon cooperative and Union taxis. Alice McLarnon is also a founder member of the Belfast Cleaning Society.


Twin Spires Centre,

155 Northumberland Street,

Belfast BT13 2JF

+ 44 (0)2890331053

Email: stevie@trademarkbelfast.com


Website: www.trademarkbelfast.com



logo cut praxis

PRAXIS is a mix of community activists, academics and other individuals working collectively to reinvigorate popular education in Ireland. It was established in 2008 with a firm belief in the concepts of critical reflection, social and political action, and the central role of popular education in achieving a society based on equality and social justice.


Meitheal Mid West

Meitheal Mid West was setup in May 2011 to promote worker cooperatives, and multi stake holder co-op’s (MSC) – as sustainable job creation engines in our region.

In June of 2012 we combined with other interested parties to create the Workers Cooperative Network (WCN).


Meitheal Mid West
The Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Centre
Limerick Institute of Technology Campus

Tel +353  61 208353
Mob + 353  87 6474230
Email: meitheal.midwest@gmail.com

Website: http://www.meitheal-midwest.org/

Dublin Community Television

DCTV is now a member cooperative – it used to be a worker cooperative – that aims at the promotion of an independent, community voice and at developing community broadcasting. DCTV is proud to be part of the Irish Community Media movement which has taken such an important stand for diversity and plurality in our media, along with media literacy and skills development in our communities.

Although the station continues to broadcast it now operates as a member coop. However, members of the staff have established a worker cooperative, Community Productions Ltd, which will start producing TV programmes this summer and autumn (2014).


c/o Neartv, CDC, Bunratty Drive,

Coolock, Dublin 17

Telephone: +353 (0)1-4100834

Email: dctv@dctv.ie

Website: http://www.dctv.ie/

Cooperative Support Services

Co-operative Support Services (CSS) is a social enterprise development agency serving the diverse communities of island of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Its work is focused on development and support for democratically managed models of enterprise to meet the needs of local communities. The key function of CSS is the promotion, development and support of co-operative/social enterprise sector as part of local sustainable economic development. CSS encourages and supports potential community entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice. The approach creates ownership of the proposal amongst all involved and commitment to the long-term sustainability of the enterprise.


10 Cornmarket,

Dublin 8, Ireland

Phone: +353-1-6713639

Fax: +353-1-6773887


E-mail: info@css.coop

Website : http://coop-entrepreneurship.com/co-op/index.php

Sustainable Ireland Co-op

This New Sustainable Ireland Portal was born 17 January 2014.

Sustainable Ireland Cooperative Society, the originator of sustainable.ie, was born in 1999. Sustainable Ireland’s initial offering was the Source Book, a guide and directory of green businesses  and sustainability organisations operating in Ireland.

Website: http://sustainable.ie/