Farmageddon Brewing


Farmageddon Brewing is a cooperative thatcomprises 7 friends who know each other either from the martial arts or punk rock scene in Belfast. For the Co-op members, home brewing is part of a mutual interest of growing fruit and vegetables, foraging, rearing pigs and chickens and a general love of self-sufficiency.

The brewery itself is situated on 5 acres of land where the coop has 360 Cider apple and Perry pear trees, 10 pigs, 5 chickens, 4 dogs, 1 goat, fruit and veg plots and a bee hive! The trees are in their infancy and the coop is hoping in the coming years to have a line of Farmageddon Cider and Perry from these ancient breeds. The bees will help to pollinate all the plants.

Part of the ethos of the cooperative is the promotion of small local businesses and as they develop the members would like to reduce their carbon footprint with the use of solar power. Farmageddon’s beer contains no preservatives or fish by-products and is unpasteurised and unfiltered as this can strip out flavour.


25 Ballykeigle Road


BT23 5SD



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