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Trademark Belfast is a Belfast based training organisation dedicated to social justice. It is also the anti-sectarian unit of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.  Aside from its work in providing training to trade unions and the community, Trademark has developed a strand of cooperative development and support.

Dr Stephen Nolan, Alice McLarnon and Tiziana O’Hara are the founder members of Cooperative Alternatives, a cooperative support organisation that provides legal, financial and governance advice in the field of cooperative (worker, consumer, producer and other forms of cooperatives) development.  The three members of Cooperative Alternatives are cooperative developers, trained by the Cooperative Hub in Manchester.

Dr Stephen Nolan and Alice McLarnon now work mainly through Trademark but continue to provide support to those who want to create or are running a cooperative. They have been influential in the creation of the Farmageddon cooperative and Union taxis. Alice McLarnon is also a founder member of the Belfast Cleaning Society.


Twin Spires Centre,

155 Northumberland Street,

Belfast BT13 2JF

+ 44 (0)2890331053




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