Union Taxis


Union Taxis Coop is an ethical community based Taxi Service, which opened for business at 218 Springfield Road, Belfast 12, just above Springvale Training on Monday 14th April 2014.

Union Taxis Workers’ Co-operative was established to address the many problems that exist within the private hire taxi sector and to provide an ethical alternative for local workers’ and community.  They intend to pay our depot staff above the living wage and to invest significant sums of money, through voluntary contributions, into their community infrastructure i.e. local boxing, GAA, soccer, youth, and elderly folds through their Cooperative Community Social Fund (CCSF).  These investments will be made on an annual basis and the amount Union Taxis are able to invest is entirely dependent on their success as a business. Union Taxis puts the interests of the drivers, desk staff and community first.

Their business number: +44 (0)28  90  311 911

Or check their facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/uniontaxis.coop